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Interactive Patient Cases: Chart-Based

Practice patient interactions using our Clinical Encounters: Learner, a chart-based patient encounter.

 Olivia BurchChronic Pain: Arthritis0.25 hrs CME/CE
 Russell WilliamsLow Back Injury0.25 hrs CME/CE
 Andrea Sanchez Opioid Use Disorder0.25 hrs CME/CE
 Chad WrightOld Knee Injury0.50 hrs CME/CE

Interactive Patient Cases: Narrative

Explore different choices and their impact on the patient interaction.

 Andrew TurnerRequests Marijuana 0.25 hrs CME/CE
 Jessica DavisAcute Finger Injury 0.25 hrs CME/CE
 Peter WentworthImpaired Physician 0.25 hrs CME/CE
 Steve CampbellChronic Knee Pain 0.50 hrs CME/CE

Learning Activities

Training in evidence-based pain management, preventing opioid addiction, and evaluating patients for opioid use problems.

 Foundations of Assessing and Treating Pain V22 hrs CME/CE
 Risk Reduction Strategies for ER/LA Opioids V25 hrs CME/CE
 Expanded Skills in Chronic Opioid Therapy V23 hrs CME/CE